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Three stars for sustainable education

30 June 2015

On 1 June 2015 IBMS has been awarded a three-star AISHE (Auditing Instrument for Sustainability in Higher Education) certificate. The AISHE certificate proofs the programme's substantial commitment towards integrating the principles of sustainable development into the study programme and delivering environmentally and socially responsible managers to the international labour market.

'Circular Economy' is at the core of the ideas about sustainable development education in the IBMS programme. IBMS linked up with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to find inspiration in its range of ideas. In the AISHE report the sustainable and international focus of the IBMS programme received praise.

Some important conclusions are:

'The international focus of the programme feeds an approach and utilisation of the word 'sustainability' from different cultural perspectives. Sustainability is perceived in a number of ways throughout the world. Learning to cope with diversity is an important way of truly realising sustainability, which is directly relevant for the IBMS programme, also from the perspective of the diversity of cultures and nationalities in the student population of the programme.' 

'Many students ask for and recognize the embedment of sustainable topics throughout the programme of IBMS.'

'Companies highly value the dedicated and knowledgeable pro-active approach of staff and students while carrying out the assignment for the companies that are related to sustainability.'

In the future IBMS will build on this solid foundation that has been laid  in order to deliver to an international society young professionals who are equipped to face the challenges of a global change to a sustainable future based on circular economy concept.

You want to know about the IBMS programme and/or the report? Please, contact Mr. Cor van Leeuwen