Students Robert Baelde Building relocated

    25 August 2015

    Monday evening 60 Students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have been relocated from their student housing at Robert Baelde Building to other housing facilities in Rotterdam.

    This summer the owner of the Robert Baelde building has scheduled and carried out renovation activities. These should have been finished last week but unfortunately the housing officers of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences have noticed that this is not the case.

    In order to avoid an inconvenient and unsafe living situation for the students, we have decided to immediately relocate all students that live at Robert Baelde for a limited period of time and have urged the owner SSH to finish their renovations within the next few days.

    We have been able to make reservations at different hostels and hotels for all the students concerned. Transportation was also provided for. We have informed the students concerned that all additional costs (e.g. transport, housing etc.) will be covered by Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

    We sincerely regret this course of affairs; we are confident that the students will be able to return to a permanent room shortly.