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Reimbursement action for former RUAS students who have paid personal contributions

23 November 2017

Former students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences who were registered in the period at the university from April 29th 2015 until August 2017, and who have paid a personal contribution, can qualify for repayment of these costs, under certain conditions

For which items may a personal contribution be requested from the student?

Generally students need to pay themselves for resources that are relevant to their study programme, such as syllabi/readers, lab coats, art supplies for art education, or a calculator. Students need to pay for their books, or use a library book. In addition, a contribution can, for example, be asked for an excursion, study-trip, or introduction activity, as long as a free alternative is available also, or you do not receive study credit for the activity. You cannot request repayment in these situations.

Repayment action student contribution activities and other learning resources

If you think that you have unjustly paid a personal contribution between April 29th 2015 and August 2017, you can do a check by answering a couple of questions. After answering these questions, it is possible to request repayment if you like to. Fill in the form no later than December 31th 2017; we will try and process the claim before February 15th 2018.