Reimbursement action for former RUAS students who have contributed to digital learning resources

    04 July 2017

    Former students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences who were registered in the period from 1 September 2012 to 1 May 2017 at the university, and who have purchased a license for a digital learning resource, can qualify for repayment of these costs, under certain conditions. Please read below for the following: background information, types of resources, and requirements.

    neThis spring the use of digital learning resources was inventoried at the university. The reason for the inventory was a complaint by several students about having to pay license costs for a management game that was required for a mandatory exam. This complaint was well-founded based on the Higher Education Research Act, and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science legislation. The basic assumption of the inventory is that no student contribution may be required for digital learning resources which are necessary to earn study credit. When certain digital learning resources are used requiring payment, a complete and free alternative must be available with which one can achieve the same study progress. 

    Outcome inventory

    It has become apparent from the inventory that nearly all institutes use digital learning resources for education as an inspiring testing or instruction method and, for example, for teaching specific skills. It has also become apparent that in some cases students only gained access to their test after purchasing the license, meaning that without license no study progress could be realised. In addition, some digital learning resources were required and mandatory without the student having been offered a free alternative. In such cases when the statutory laws and legislation have not been applied correctly, the student may claim repayment.

    Reimbursement action student contribution

    This means that students who have paid for a digital learning resource, and who can demonstrate that they have, can request to be repaid if they meet certain conditions. It concerns licenses that were purchased between 1 September 2012 and 1 May 2017.

    Students who have graduated, or who are no longer registered as a student at the university,
    may also be eligible for reclamation. Reclamation is applicable for Associate degree; Bachelor degree, part-time and Master students. 

    Resources to be paid by the student

    Generally students need to pay themselves for resources that are relevant to their study programme, such as books, syllabi/readers, a microscope, lab coat or safety goggles for lab training, art supplies for art education, or a calculator. An example of a digital learning resource that students need to pay for themselves is software that you use at home or on your laptop such as Microsoft Office, SPSS, or (practice) licences that you have purchased on your own initiative. You cannot request repayment of these.

    Reclamation Form student contribution

    Former students who can demonstrate to have paid for one or more digital learning resources in the period of September 2012 to 1 May 2017, can fill-in this form for possible repayment. You can submit the form no later than 15 August. Our current students have been given the opportunity earlier to submit a claim, and cannot use this form, or retry submitting a claim.