Our student wins Best Presenter Award in Worldwide Business Competition

    13 March 2017

    Last Friday night the NIBS Worldwide Business Case Competition award winners were announced. The winner of the competition was Carleton University from Ottawa, Canada. This university is also one of our best partners, we often work together when it comes to case training, and three of our students will go there this Fall for their study abroad semester. So we believe their victory in the NIBS Case Competition was well deserved.

    Best Presenter 

    But there were more winners, among others the 'Award for Best Presenter'. After the coaches and jury members voted, two students from the same team were nominated for the award. Bob Janson (Finance and Control) was announced the winner of the award, with only a small difference in votes between him and Jill Klein (Accountancy). Bob was an excellent representative of Rotterdam University. His presentation style was very calm, convincing and he showed great leadership within the team. A fantastic performance. 

    On to next year!