Introduction days 200 new international students

    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences welcomes over 45 nationalities

    07 February 2017

    Last week, over 200 international students started their new lives in Rotterdam. These students, Master (foundation) and exchange, are going to study in the vibrant city of Rotterdam. Rotterdam has been nominated as one of the world’s must visit destinations several times. So what is a better way to get to know this city as a student?

    “The introduction days were a blast! Everyone was so kind and helpful, that I didn’t even realize how fast the time had passed and I already made some friends along the way!” – Valerie Samantha, Indonesia.

    Cultural diversity

    The students, who are joining us this spring are from over 46 nations, proving yet again that the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences is an attractive study destination for people from all over the world!

    The Center of International Affairs (CoIA) organised the programme in a way to assure that there is a perfect balance between having fun and making sure that each and every student is taking all the necessary steps to start their journey here.

    Registration at the library with a fun twist

    After being welcomed and receiving their student cards on the first day, the new members of our school enjoyed presentations by fellow young people currently studying here. They shared their experience and tips. The CoIA staff gave vital and interesting presentations on practical information, necessary for them to assure that they can have a smooth start in Rotterdam.

    Probably, the most entertaining part of the day was when a police officer made a visit. He gave a wildly entertaining, but also very informative presentation and quiz on safety. The students really appreciated the honest approach. Some of them were so intrigued that even after the presentation they chatted with him. 

    Dynamic city game!

    After completing the registration process on Friday, the students were divided into groups and were challenged to complete the city game, which consisted of a great variety of tasks, including exploring the city, photo challenges, talking to locals and many more. It was a wonderful bonding experience for them. The programme finished with a relaxing social drink at Oude Haven (The old harbor), where everyone could enjoy a well-deserved break.