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Graduation Ceremony Master students

17 December 2015

On Thursday 10 December RBS celebrated the graduation of our master students. Almost 110 students received their master diploma at RBS in the past year.

Not only did graduates receive their diploma and a personal word from the programme coordinators during the ceremony, they were also treated to a beautiful musical intermezzo on violin by 14-year old super talent Mayte Levenbach.

RBS handed out five awards during the ceremony.

Thesis Award:

  • MBA: Jesse de Vries
  • MCE: Kate Kuzmina
  • MFA: Timon Langenhuijsen, Kevin van Berkel, Leia Lu
  • MLM: Lore Rasschaert

Achievement Award: 

  • Lore Rasschaert

After the ceremony graduates could have their professional picture taken in the RBS Workspace. These pictures can all be found on the RBS Facebook page. All other pictures can be found on the RBS Flickr page.