Discover Rotterdam

    A multicultural city

    Rotterdam is a dynamic, bustling city, with a modern city centre. Festivals, concerts, theatre performances and other events take place throughout the entire year. The city’s many museums, cafés, restaurants and other places of entertainment make Rotterdam a perfect university city.

    Source: Rotterdam Partners, Her name is Rotterdam.

    Famous Rotterdam

    Rotterdam is home to the worldwide headquarters of Unilever and the largest medical centre in the Netherlands, Erasmus MC. The film and visual arts sector in Rotterdam continues to grow, with the International Film Festival Rotterdam as an annual highlight. Industrial designer Richard Hutten, lingerie designer Marlies Dekkers and architect Rem Koolhaas cause a stir all over the world from their home base in Rotterdam.


    As host city for the Summer Carnival, the City Racing, the World Port Days and the North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam is the ultimate festival city of the Netherlands. Besides these big events, other smaller festivals are also worth a visit: Motel Mozaïque, the Dunya Festival and Camping Rotterdam. A few famous sport events include: the Marathon Rotterdam and the ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament. Rotterdam is lively all year round, hosting festivals and events that show the best of the city’s international culture, sports and music.

    Enrich your student life

    Coming to Rotterdam to study will bring many new experiences. You will undoubtedly meet great people along the way from all walks of life with who you can share the experiences. There are many student associations in Rotterdam which connect students from different faculties and departments. These associations are mainly established for extra-curricular activities and are an excellent way to meet new people outside of university and most importantly, a great way to have fun!