The industrial internet of things and cyber security: an ecological and systemic perspective on security in digital industrial ecosystems

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    A.F. Lier,van | Article | Publication date: 16 November 2017
    All over the world, objects are increasingly connected in networks such as the Industrial Internet of Things. Interconnections, intercommunications and interactions are driving the development of an entirely new whole in the form of the Industrial Internet of Things. Communication and interaction are the norm both for separate components, such as cyber-physical systems, and for the functioning of the system as a whole. This new whole can be likened to a natural ecosystem where the process of homeostasis ensures the stability and security of the whole. Components of such an industrial ecosystem, or even an industrial ecosystem as a whole, are increasingly targeted by cyber attacks. Such attacks not only threaten the functioning of one or multiple components, they also constitute a threat to the functioning of the new whole. General systems theory can offer a scientific framework for the development of measures to improve the security and stability of both separate components and the new whole.

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