Re-imagining commonly used mobile interfaces for adults

    Publication of Creating 010

    L. McGee-Lennon, A. Komninos, J. Goodman-Deane, J. Lumsden, P. Rau, E. Nicol, K. Siek, M. Baillie, P. Eslambolchilar, M. Dunlop, A. Edwards, L. Hakobyan, I.J. Mulder | Conference contribution | Publication date: 01 January 2014
    Many countries have an increasingly aging population. In recent years, mobile technologies have had a massive impact on social and working lives. As the size of the older user population rises, many people will want to continue professional, social and lifestyle usage of mobiles into 70s and beyond. Mobile technologies can lead to increased community involvement and personal independence. While mobile technologies can provide many opportunities, the aging process can interfere with their use. This workshop brings together researchers who are re-imagining common mobile interfaces so that they are more suited to use by older adults.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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