Perspectives of creators and performers on the digital era

    Publication of Creating 010

    Ilan Akker, Jarst Weda, P.W.M. Rutten, Joost Poort | Article | Publication date: 21 November 2013
    In this contribution, a nearly comprehensive survey among creators and performers in media, arts and entertainment in the Netherlands is presented. It concerns the implications of digital reproduction and distribution for the creative professions as perceived by those working in it. Based on regressions and cluster analysis of the survey data, an analysis is provided of income developments and perceived threats and opportunities of digitisation, as well as an exploration of the underlying socio-economic and professional factors. Many creators and performers perceive digitisation primarily as a threat. Although age is a relevant explanatory factor for the opinions regarding digitisation, the notion of a generation gap is shown to be an oversimplification. Other relevant dimensions include income development, education level and the way digitisation has affected respondents’ discipline.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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