Organizing building capacity for NetZero renovation

    Publication of CoE HRTech

    H. Nunen,van, C.M. Ravesloot | Conference contribution | Publication date: 05 November 2018
    Dutch existing building stock has, according to Dutch governmental policy derived from the European goals, to be renovated towards NetZero in about 2050. However, this goal will not be reached without new digitalized tools, like BIM, 3D scanning and printing, automation and robotization of production processes. To make automation and robotization possible, standardization must be developed through the design, production and maintenance process. But there is already a standardization present in the current building stock, that can be put to use. For the professionals throughout building industry this means that new proficiency and new knowledge has to be achieved. 21st century skills have to be developed, but only after the 21st century skills for professionals have been researched and defined. This paper aims at explaining the interconnection between ICT innovation, recognizing patterns in the building stock and development of personal skills and proficiency for automation in Dutch NetZero building renovation.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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