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On statistical disclosure control technologies

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M. Vink, R.F. Meijer, M.S. Bargh | Report | Publication date: 06 November 2018

for enabling personal data protection in open data settings

To enhance the transparency, accountability and efficiency of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, the ministry has set up an open data program to proactively stimulate sharing its (public-funded) data sets with the public or with other organi-sations. Disclosure of personal data is considered as one of the main threats for data opening. This study, as one activity within the open data program, aims at investigating Statistical Disclosure Control (SDC) tools and methods for protecting personal data. More specifically, the main objective of the study is to provide in-sights in the main functionalities provided by SDC technologies so that data control-lers can be supported in their decision-making processes related to storing, sharing, and opening the ministry’s personal data. To this end, the study context is tuned to the ministry’s settings and requirements. This deliverable presents the acquired insights, particularly for three selected open source SDC tools (namely: μ-ARGUS, ARX and sdcMicro).

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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