Meaningful advertising: pervasive advertising in the experience economy

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    P. Waart,van, I.J. Mulder | Article | Publication date: 30 June 2009
    In traditional marketing advertising is part of product promotion, one of the four P's of marketing. In the 20th century media channels such as papers and magazines, and later on radio and television, were used to distribute and broadcast advertisements in order to create product and brand awareness and preference amongst consumers, in order to raise product sales. In the last two decades however, economical developments resulted in the experience economy: a new era of marketing and branding, in which traditional advertising is becoming less effective and meaningful experience branding is key. Meaningful (brand) experiences can make a difference to consumers, because of the personal relevance for people with regard to their personal values and beliefs that are the basis of people’s consumer behaviour and brand preferences. Pervasive advertising should seek for applications with which people can interact with brands in an intellectual, an emotional and a physical way.

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