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Iwishiwas - Post-Black Aesthetics, Post-Black or Post-colonial?

Publication of Creating 010
N. Adusei-Poku | Article | Publication date: 01 January 2012
Iwishiwas is the name of the piece by Afro-German artist Philip Metz, a photograph and portrait of a “self” and certainly much more than a wish – it also represents a biographic document, that raises questions about our contemporary conditions of being-in-the-world as Black (1) subjects. The short agglutination iwishiwas (“Ich wünscht ich wär”) represents a longing to escape a current situation. In this article I am discussing the parameters of how to approach contemporary Black artists in the diaspora. By doing so, I propose the term post-black as one way of describing a generation of artists, who deliver new ways of defining idea(s) of Blackness.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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