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Integrating Dynamic Systems Theory and City as Text™ framework: in-depth reflection on 'Lens'

Publication of Urban Talent
C.E. Weerheijm, P. Vuijk | Article | Publication date: 01 November 2021
This paper addresses three theoretical innovations for the current City as Text (CAT) method. First, we introduce a developmentally appropriate conceptualization of the inner context construct. Second, we introduce the Dynamics Systems Approach and discuss how the six key assumptions of the DSA can stimulate students to reflect more deeply on the interplay between outer and inner contexts. Third, we develop an evidence-driven reflection model that is suitable for systematic reflection on the DSA components. This integrated reflection model provides facilitators with several theoretical and didactic steppingstones to encourage students to discover intrapersonal and interpersonal developmental processes within the CAT method.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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