From Quantified Self to Quantified Neighboorhood

    Publication of Creating 010

    P. Kun, I.J. Mulder | Conference contribution | Publication date: 18 May 2015
    The past decade has shown a great rise in digital tools to measure various aspects of daily life. Such measured data does not exist in a vacuum and is increasingly integrated in newly designed interactive products. Meanwhile our cities are moving toward smart infrastructure and supporting innovation from citizen initiatives to improve the urban experience and well-being. In the current work we follow these trends by building on the design knowledge created from the designing of personal informatics and bridge this knowledge towards urban informatics solutions. We elaborate upon the stage-based model of personal informatics and how it can be potentially applied on a neighborhood level. We discuss the proposed expansion from a personal model towards a participatory one and highlight the design decisions regarding motivation and community forming, and present a design case to illustrate the holistic activities of a designer contributing to a community-deployed, quantified project.

    Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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