File sharing and its impact on business models in music

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    P.W.M. Rutten, Joost Poort | Part of a book | Publication date: 30 January 2012
    Industries involved in creating, producing, commercializing and distributing content find themselves facing major change because of digitization. These include the music and film sectors, and for over a decade now also the games sector. Digitization is changing the face of the content industry, with new types of distribution emerging and the boundaries between the different industries blurring. New opportunities are arising while challenges to existing ways of operating require reinvention as digitization enables consumers to access music, films and games in new ways. File sharing — the uploading and downloading of music, films and games — has become a reality, even if experience shows that online sharing often occurs without the explicit agreement of the right holders, who thus do not receive any payment. Companies producing content worry about the damage to revenues for which file sharing is said to be to blame.

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