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Crafting privacy: two case studies integrating cross-disciplinary perspectives on privacy in design

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M.S. Bargh, A.M.M. Nigten, M. Harbers, R. Choenni, F. Cramer, J.E. Nijkamp | Conference contribution | Publication date: 26 November 2019
Privacy by design is a widely acknowledged necessity, yet its practice is still in its infancy. Many scholars have argued that privacy by design requires a cross-disciplinary approach in which privacy perspectives from different disciplines need to be integrated from the beginning of the design process. This paper investigates the potentials and shortcomings of a workshop format, used in the early stages of a (re)design process, to integrate viewpoints of multiple stakeholders from different disciplines. The workshop is used in two cases involving privacy issues, in the healthcare and in the insurance domain. The results show that different stakeholders, representing social, technological, ethical, legal, domain and user perspectives, identified different problems. Together, they thus provided a more complete view on the issues at stake, forming a better starting point to account for privacy in the design process. Based on the results, the paper suggests a number of research directions for combining diverse views from multiple stakeholders.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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