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Catch Me, If You Can!

Publication of Creating 010
N. Adusei-Poku | Article | Publication date: 21 September 2015
That contemporary universities and art schools are criticised for the reproduction of a Western (art) canon is nothing new and that those higher (art) education institutions consist of a predominantly privileged white student body is not a novelty either. It is therefore not my aim to reproduce these debates and claims but they should be considered a given throughout this short essay.1 For the past two decades, the same institutions have tried to change this condition, but have not really known how to do so, except by initiating diversity policies aimed at "inclusion" and "equal opportunities" that constantly problematise (prospective) students of colour whilst forgetting the multiplicity of other intersecting identity categories. In order to complicate the question of "how", my primary aim is to point out the role of time as a political tool to reproduce a hegemonic education system and the connected argument is that there is no "catching up", which calls the decolonisation of state institutions and their education system into question.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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