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Assessment of daily activity performance: exploring the option of shortening the test

Publication of Innovations in Care

E. Huiszoon, H.S. Miedema, C.H.Z. Kuiper, P.L. Vreede,de, I. Bramsen | Article | Publication date: 22 January 2014
The Assessment of Daily Activity Performance (ADAP) test has been developed to measure the physical capacity of older adults to carry out instrumental activities of daily living (ADL). The present study explores the option to create a less time-consuming short version of the ADAP that can be completed in the individual's home environment and that imposes less of a physical burden. Data from 141 independently living women aged 70 and older were analyzed using principal components analysis (PCA). PCA identified two factors, on which 10 of the original 21 items had loaded sufficiently to be eligible for inclusion in a short version. The ADAP short version is considerably shorter than the original test and provides a good representation of the constructs being measured. More research is necessary to develop a short version of the ADAP that is easily applicable in the home environment of older adults.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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