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A review of frequency table disclosure control from a microdata perspective

Publication of Creating 010
A. Latenko, M.S. Bargh, S. Braak,van den, M. Vink | Conference contribution | Publication date: 21 November 2020
Protecting personal data is a key requirement for properly sharing and opening data. With growing concerns regarding privacy, it is important to ensure that the personal data of individuals is not compromised or made public in Open Data initiatives. For the most part, the personal data protection fields for microdata and tabular data have been researched separately. This separation has caused both fields to have much overlapping research, particularly concerning the privacy and utility of the respective data types. This overlapping research, however, has not been well integrated between the fields. Recently, there have been developments and improvements for protecting microdata that are not being applied to the field of tabular data protection. In this work, the association between microdata and tabular data is formalized and used to link the personal data disclosure risks and the personal data protection models that can be applied to both microdata and tabular data.

Author(s) - affiliated with Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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