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Master in Logistics Management funded by Dutch government as of September 2018

07 June 2018

The Master in Logistics Management at Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School will receive government funding as of September 2018. This means that Dutch and European students can take part in the programme paying the standard tuition fee of € 2.060.*

Until recently only very few HBO Master programmes received government funding, because the offering of master programmes was seen as main task of Universities and not of Universities of Applied Sciences. As the demand for professional HBO masters in The Netherlands continues to increase over the past years, the Dutch government decided to expand the possibilities for Universities of Applied Sciences to offer professional master programmes.

Relevant programme

As part of this new policy, Universities of Applied Sciences now have the opportunity to request government funding for their master programmes. Although this is not an easy process, last year Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School took the opportunity to request funding for its Master in Logistics Management. The programme is particularly relevant for the region Rotterdam-Rijnmond and the school wants to make it more accessible for Dutch students.

Great opportunity

In February the school was informed that the request was approved and the programme will receive government funding as of September 2018. Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School is very happy with this decision. The school has been offering master programmes for many years, but these programmes were never subsidised. The fact that the Master in Logistics Management now receives government funding is a great opportunity for Dutch and European students to continue their studies at Hogeschool Rotterdam Business School after graduating from their bachelor programme.

* Students from outside EEA still have to pay the institute fee as the Dutch government does not subsidise the education of non-European students.

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