Hanneke Reuling joins the Executive Board: 'Looking forward to meeting you'

    03 April 2024

    Hanneke Reuling started work as a new member of our Executive Board on Tuesday 2 April.

    The administrator, who previously worked at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, is looking forward to getting to know her new working environment in Rotterdam. “At first, I will be getting to know the institution and especially the people here. I am really looking forward to it,” said Hanneke Reuling. She will introduce herself to all employees during the Meet Ups in June and is starting her round of introductions in April.

    Hanneke's focus is on greater collaboration between education and research and the development of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences from a university of applied sciences to a knowledge institution. “If education and research go hand in hand, we as a university of applied sciences can better connect with the challenging societal issues that are important for the city. In my view, our new Implementation Agenda offers ample opportunity to show how we can work together to contribute to the future of Rotterdam through the combined strengths of our education and research. I look forward to being able to contribute to the implementation of the agenda.”

    Executive Board Chair Sarah Wilton-Wels has great confidence in the new executive board team: “Wijnand and I are looking forward to working with Hanneke. She complements both of us in terms of background, experience, and personality. We are also enthusiastic about her experience in practice-based research and have great confidence in the new Executive Board team. Another advantage is that with Hanneke we will be able to continue our collegial board philosophy, with each of us keeping elements of education, research, and operations in our portfolios. In this way, we can stay completely connected ourselves and take a holistic view of our wonderful institution.”