Mariana Savitska

    Testimonial exchange student

    "Being an exchange student in the Netherlands and RUAS is a challenge for me. This is my first experience of studies in English with a large number of people from all over the globe. It requires a lot of patience, tolerance and friendly attitude, but everyone benefits!"

    "Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) and RBS in particular provides students with all necessary things for a successful study process: beautiful buildings with modern furniture and equipment, good contact with the administration office and teachers, digital schedule and separate intranet for assignments and study materials. There are also two canteens for hungry ones, and many other things that facilitate studying.  Studies here are quite intensive, but this makes the real learning possible. I feel that after spending one semester here, I have learnt many things and – which is most important – I know how to apply them in a real business world. Teamwork with people from other countries and local students has taught me how to manage the team, time and workflow.  Even though my schedule is quite tough, it still allows me to find time to enjoy student life with my new friends. I have met young people from 30 countries so far, and we all are exchange students at RUAS – sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Acquaintances is one more valuable thing that exchange in this country, city and school can give to every incoming student".