Repayment action personal contribution

    Do you think that you have unjustly paid a personal contribution? Check the following questions. After answering the questions you can submit your claim.

    The following items or situations do not qualify for repayment:

    • Books, readers, lab coats, art materials, and calculators are not considered for repayment, a personal contribution may be expected. In addition, you cannot claim a contribution for a digital learning resource in this process;
    • Minors and electives of which the student contribution had been communicated. The costs were communicated at the time of choosing the minor or elective; the student still had the opportunity to choose another minor or elective;
    • Activities of which you could have known of their optional character;
    • In some cases it is permitted that no free alternative was made available. These examples are very specific, and therefore cannot all be included here. If you are of the opinion that your situation is specific in such a way, we advise that you submit a claim. Keep in mind that the claim can possibly be rejected if the study programme can substantiate the reason why no free alternative was offered.