Word of welcome by Dean School of Healthcare Studies

    by Dean School of Healthcare Studies

    We are proud to announce that the 2022 edition of the annual Cohehre conference will be hosted by the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. You are hereby cordially invited to attend this conference.

    The city of Rotterdam is an urban environment that is constantly reinventing itself, always under development and with an ever-changing skyline. All of this of course requires hard work. Not words but deeds, that's the motto of our city. Rotterdam is also a city with a high degree of diversity, bringing together more than 200 different nationalities. This dynamism and diversity can also be observed in the fields of healthcare and education. In a city characterised by such diversity, our goal is to train the healthcare professionals of the future, in close cooperation with the relevant professional field. Based on our mission to prepare these professionals to provide fully integrated care services, we are also increasingly seeking out partnerships with other domains such as welfare and technology. The School of Health Care Studies also collaborates intensively with the research centre Innovations in Care. Preparing our students for the future also requires intensive integration between education and research.

    The Cohehre 2022 programme thus focuses on the various topics mentioned above, in relation to the main theme for the conference: "Urban Health: inclusion and sustainability in super-diverse cities". We hope to welcome you there. Rotterdam: Make it Happen!


    Jeroen Oversier
    Dean School of Healthcare Studies
    Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences