Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Kralingse Zoom location closed this Thursday

    15 May 2024

    At the urgent request of the mayor, the police and the Public Prosecution Service, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and Erasmus University will close their premises at Kralingse Zoom on Thursday 16 May. Classes will continue online.

    Pro-Palestinian groups have announced a demonstration at Erasmus University (EUR) on the Woudestein campus on Thursday 16 May. RUAS staff and students have also announced that they will demonstrate and join the demonstration on the EUR campus from the Kralingse Zoom location. The Executive Board of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences remains of the opinion that it should be possible to demonstrate. At the same time, respectful interaction and safety are paramount. Sarah Wilton-Wels, Chair of the Executive Board: “We think it is important that this demonstration can take place, but at the same time, safe teaching and the safety of all RUAS students and staff is paramount. Therefore, on urgent request, we have decided not to allow on-site teaching at the Kralingse zoom location and to close the building. Instead, teaching will take place online.

    However, as the nature and size of the demonstration cannot be estimated, we have been urged to take this precautionary measure and close all buildings. It is disappointing that this is necessary. If students and staff want to raise awareness of the conflict in Gaza in a peaceful way, they should be allowed to do so. We call for a beautiful demonstration with space for dialogue, respectful expression, and positive conversation” according to Sarah Wilton Wels.