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I am a studying status holder

You have fled from your country to the Netherlands and now it’s time to study at RUAS. As a student in a foreign country, you might face some quite overwhelming issues. To make things easier for you, RUAS will support you before and during your studies.


If you already obtained a diploma abroad, you can usually enrol in a RUAS study programme. However, the foreign diploma must be the equivalent of the required Dutch diploma and, you must have mastered the Dutch language at an adequate level B2 level. If so, you can take the Dutch as a Second Language Exam. Please click Buitenlands diploma (Foreign diploma) for more information.

The main principle for admission to a bachelor's or associate degree programme at RUAS is that you hold a Dutch or foreign secondary school diploma that is equivalent to a higher general, pre-university or level 4 vocational secondary school diploma. If you do not have a diploma, you can take the 21+ Entrance Examination at RUAS. Please click 21+ zonder diploma (21+ Entrance Examination) for more information.

If you have any questions about the Dutch as a Second Language Exam or the 21+ Entrance Examination, please contact the Refugee Information Desk at

Support before and during your studies

You can quickly get lost in all the different regulations and procedures. You might also feel the need for some additional guidance, for instance from a coach or a buddy. As a student refugee at RUAS, you can count on two additional facilities, before and during your studies. These facilities are also available to student refugees who have enrolled via the UAF University Assistance Fund.

The information desk will help you well before the start of your study programme. The information desk will guide and support you throughout the enrolment procedure and help you submit your questions to the appropriate departments or staff.

You can contact the information desk for:

  • The summer school
  • The language courses
  • Questions about admission
  • Help in the enrolment procedure

Student Refugee Support is a service provided by the RUAS "Studentenwelzijn" coaches located in the Museumpark (high-rise block: MP.H00.050)(

Student Refugee Support helps you during your studies. It is a central service point where you will find the support, encouragement and inspiration that you need to successfully complete your study career.

You can contact Student Refugee Support for:

  • Buddy projects
  • Peer coaching
  • Referrals and guidance
  • Introduction meetings
  • Social and educational events


If you have any questions or you would like to find out what the Refugee Information Desk or Student Refugee Support service can do for you, please contact us at

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