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Appointment student counsellor

Welcome to the student counselors’ appointment system. Here you can book an appointment with one of the student counselors. You can chose to book an appointment online/by phone or an appointment on one of our locations. The duration of the appointment will be about 30 minutes.

Plan your appointment with a student counsellor. Please first read the information below

Which information do I need?

To make an appointment you need to know at which location your school is based. The student counselors work at the 4 main locations of the university and are divided over the different schools. For more information see below.
Here you can find out which student counselors are linked to your school and study.

Have you met with a student counsellor before?

In this case make a follow up appointment with the same student counselor. This way one person handles your dossier and it prevents having to tell your story multiple times. If you haven't seen a student counselor before, you can choose 'no preference'.

Walk-in hour

Some locations have walk-in-hours (click here for more information). You don't need to make an appointment for the walk-in-hours but be aware that it's only for short meetings (maximum 10 minutes). If you have a quick or simple question or want to give an update regarding your study progress, you can stop by your student counselors' walk-in-hour. It's also possible to stop by during walk-in-hour for an intake for certain electives.

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