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Plan your day

Plan your lectures, lessons and workgroups, in addition to your assignments and independent study. But don't forget to block time for relaxation either. Plan that hour of home sports, that walk or Netflix, so you know there's time and space for it. Check out the tips that can help you stick to your planning.

Divide up your day in segments with plenty of breaks. Turn this into a fixed routine, so that you can use this planning more often.

Tips to stick to your planning

  • Be realistic. Studying at home easier for some. Especially if more people work from home at the same time, it can be a challenge. Give yourself time to get used to the new situation and adjust your goals accordingly.
  • Know your distractions and how to avoid them. For example, if you are quickly distracted by your phone, put it in another room. Or if you're easily distracted when your room is still a mess, clean it up before you start.
  • Start with small goals. Don't make your goals too big and limit yourself to 2 or 3 main tasks a day. Make your goals concrete and visible. Put them on post-its and stick them next to your laptop. And think of a reward: if you reach a goal, you can, for example, spend half an hour on Netflix.
  • Use the carrot-and-stick approach. If you live with roommates/family, let them know when you will start and stop studying. Ask them to remind you of these times. If you live alone, plan with fellow students and give each other an update at the end of the day

A handy study technique

An effective way to keep your concentration and motivation is the Pomodoro-technique.

What? One Pomodoro is equal to 25 minutes of work.

You set a timer to 25 minutes and during that time you focus fully on your task and shut yourself off from any kind of distractions. So, no social media, phone calls or conversations with your roommates. After 25 minutes you take a 5-minute break, to check your Instagram, grab a drink or go to the toilet.

After 4 Pomodoro's you take a longer break, of 15 to 30 minutes to really give your brain some rest.

It is useful to use an app for this technique. For example, use the Focus Keeper app or an online Pomodoro timer.

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