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End your day

When you study at home, you tend to be 'on' all day. Communication via Teams, App, Zoom, Skype, etcetera, continues throughout the day and evening, keeping your brain in active mode continuously. Decide on a time when it’s OK for you to be 'off'.

Read a few examples of effective ways to end the day.

Final activities

  • One lasts video chat with a fellow student, boyfriend or girlfriend to tell each other what you did that day.
  • Put your plan or ‘to do’ list on paper. That’s a good way to end the day and sets you up for a great start the next day.
  • Clean up your study space: close the laptop and put it away (out of sight=out of mind), clean up the desk, and you’re done.
  • Change your status to ‘absent’ on the different communication channels and turn off notifications. 

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