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International introduction days

Welcome to our international students

During the international introduction days we welcome our international students at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. The main goal of the programme is to learn more about Rotterdam, the Netherlands, immigration matters, school and each other!


Each year we welcome more than 800 international students, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to meet your fellow students! We believe that, besides the administrative part, the social part plays a very important role.

Our international students receive a personal invitation for these international introduction days. These days take place prior to the general introduction of your programme. During the general introduction days you will get to know your coach, classmates and schedule.

Invitation introduction

Specific invitation

All students, Bachelor, Master and Exchange who are going to study at our University of Applied Sciences will get a specific invitation for the introduction per programme.


Registration at a Dutch Municipality

Dutch law requires all students, both EU and non-EU, who are staying longer than 4 months in the Netherlands to register at a Dutch Municipality. During the introduction programme the municipality of Rotterdam will be present at the university to register all international students who have found a room in Rotterdam. Please note that registration can also be done independently by making an appointment at the municipality. It is not mandatory to register during the introduction days. If you have found a room in another Dutch city, it will be your own responsibility to make an appointment and register yourself at the municipality of that city.

Required documents

  • Passport
  • Rental contract / tenancy agreement
  • If you live in certain neighborhoods in Rotterdam you might need a housing permit (HVV). For more information about a housing permit check this website

After students have registered with the municipality, they will receive a Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer or BSN in Dutch). The Citizen Service Number (BSN) is a unique number which is required in order to be permitted to work, open a bank account, make use of a healthcare institution and any other affairs with Dutch government agencies.

Dutch bank account

Opening a Dutch bank account can be done at several banks. The main Dutch banks are:

Documents that are generally required to open a bank account: 

  • Valid ID, plus residence permit if applicable.
  • BSN burgerservicenummer, which you'll get when you register with municipality. 
  • Proof of address (bevolkingsregister abstract, utility bill, rental contract etc.). 
  • Proof of enrolment from your university. 

You can request the proof of enrolment from the student service center. Please not that the proof of enrollment can only be issued after all requirements for enrolment have been met.  

Residence permit


Students from outside the EU/EEA who wish to attend a (pre) Bachelor’s degree (pre) Master’s degree or an Exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied for more than 3 months are obliged to obtain a Residence Permit. 

The Centre of International Affairs will apply for your Visa (MVV) and/or Residence Permit (VVR) on your behalf at the Dutch Immigration Office called IND.

After your arrival in the Netherlands you will receive your VVR. As an extra service to our new international students – and to simplify the procedure - , we will invite the Dutch Immigration Office (IND) to our introduction days as well. In case your VVR is ready for pick-up, you will be able to pick up your VVR at the school instead of at the immigration office. If this is not the case, you will need to visit the IND individually.

Health check


To keep the Residence Permit, some non-European students need to visit the Dutch Public Health Authority (GGD) after they arrived in the Netherlands. They will undergo a medical test for tuberculosis (TB). This is a requirement from the IND (Dutch Immigration Office). 

Do I need to undergo the TB test?

Depending on your nationality, you may have to be examined for the Tuberculosis (TB) test. If your nationality is on this list, you do not have to undergo the TB test.

If your nationality is not on this list, it means that you do have to undergo the TB test. The TB test is free of charge. 

Please note that if you wait more than 3 months to undergo the TB test, you may risk having your Residence Permit withdrawn.

Schedule an appointment

The Centre of International Affairs will schedule a group appointment for all students who need to undergo a TB test. You will receive more information about this during the introduction days. In case you can’t attend the group appointment, you will need to schedule an individual appointment. One of our Student Support staff members is more than happy to assist you. However, please note that it’s your own responsibility to make an appointment and to undergo the TB test.

A member of the Student Support Team will be present at the GGD (only during the group appointment).

Required documents

When you go to the GGD for a tuberculosis check, please make sure to:

  • print and bring your completed Tuberculosis examination referral form with you to your appointment
  • Bring your passport
  • Fill in your address and personal information on the Tuberculosis Examination Referral Form


After taking the test you will receive the completed Tuberculosis Examination Referral form from the GGD staff. The completed form must be sent to the IND.

You can either send the form to the IND yourself (the address can be found on the form) or hand in the form to the Student Support staff-member present at the GGD. We will send it to the IND on your behalf.

Social activities

IKEA visit
Sunday February 10th 2019
12:00 – 15:30

 Winter Wonderland Party
Friday February 15th 2019
20:00 – 00:00

More information has been sent via e-mail to all admitted students and will be announced on social media.

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