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Student housing

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences offers housing to international (exchange) students enrolled in one of the study programmes.

 SSH is responsible for the registration process of the student accommodation. Please be aware that accommodation is on a ‘First come, first served’ basis.

Help with you registration

If you want to register with SSH please follow the next steps:

  • Select Register
  • Register for Reserved - Accommodations
  • Fill in the registration form

At the headline "Occupation" you need to select the following:

  • Student Number: Most students will not have a student number yet, you may leave this field blank.
  • City: Select Rotterdam
  • Occupation: Select Rotterdam University of Applied Science (HR)
  • Department/Faculty: Select your study programme
  • Type of Resident: Select the type of programme

Period of rental agreement*  

  • Fall semester: 15 August - 31 January 
  • Fall semester short period:  15 August - 31 December (Only for IBEX, Big open data and Working World Wide)
  • Spring semester: 1 February - 31 July
  • Spring semester: 1st week of January - 31 July
  • Spring semester short period: 1 February - 30 June (Only for IBEX students)
  • Full year: 15 August - 31 July (Please note that the rent will increase as of the 1st February 2016. The exact increase will be announced as soon as possible.)

Housing information*

The rent for the Spring semester 2016 will be different for each location.

Robert Baelde hall € 350,00 for each month
Erasmus International House € 440,00 for each month
Hatta- Building € 450,00 for each month

The reservation fee for a room is € 120,00 for each student. You only pay this amount when we accept your application and when you book the room.

After we have checked your reservation and after you have select a room you have 24 hours to pay for the room. The amount you need to pay during the reservation is the first and last month rent and the reservation fee. This is only possible by bank transfer.

The reservation system to reserve a room for February 2016 will be open on 18th of November at 10.00 A.M. Dutch time. 

Note that you will get approval from the University of Applied Science after you have applied.

So if you are interested in housing please make sure you will apply on the 18th of November on the website of SSH.

* subject of change

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