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Entrepreneurs seeking advice
Publication date: 18 November 2015

Not all entrepreneurs do well financially all of the time. Some have to make do for longer periods of time with an income that is not much higher than minimum wage. The aim of The Netherlands Business Case (DNZO) is to help entrepreneurs improve their business. They do this by starting regional work-study projects with students and alumni coaching entrepreneurs. The research centre has been commissioned by the DNZO foundation to research the effectiveness of their approach.


2012 marked the start of The Rotterdam Business Case. It is a work-study environment for students at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and for coaches of Ondernemersklankbord (a non-profit focus foundation for entrepreneurs) in which they help and coach marginal entrepreneurs. For six months entrepreneurs receive guidance and coaching in the areas of finance and/or commercial management. A unique concept, starting with the municipality referring the entrepreneur, the student helping and working on the case, and the OKB coach acting as a sounding board for the entrepreneur.

The concept is very successful and by now more than 600 struggling entrepreneurs in the Rotterdam region have sought and found advice. A good basis to start an umbrella organisation in the Netherlands entitled DNZO, De Nederlandse Zaak voor Ondernemers.
In 2015 the organisation decided to expand the initiative nationally so that more entrepreneurs can be assisted.

The Research

Research Centre Business Innovation has been requested to conduct a monitor research project on developments of the entrepreneurs who have received coaching in the past years. The outcome will help strengthen the coaching method, and this knowledge can also be applied to our education.  


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