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Innovation Compass

Directing innovation
Publication date: 01 September 2012

Extensive research has shown that traditional models are no longer sufficient. The complexity of the environment has increased, which in turn demands a more systematic approach. The Innovation compass is a model that has been developed by Professor Guy Bauwen in 2013. It serves as a tool for the marketing of innovation.


Innovation is high on the list of the economic, academic and political agenda. The majority of managers and entrepreneurs in the world acknowledge that innovation is enormously important to them. Plenty of attention is paid to development of innovation, but during the phases of implementation and use, attention is lacking. 

8 compass points

Using the different compass points, one can make a complete assessment of the level of innovation in an organisation. This compass is made up of eight points:

  • Lead users;
  • Lead customers;
  • Lead markets;
  • Lead offerings;
  • Lead partners;
  • Lead operations;
  • Lead experts;
  • Lead champions.

Connection to education

The following minors+ are involved with this research project:

  • Turning business into innovation
  • Turning innovation into business
  • Creative concepts into business 

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