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About Applied research professo Family-School Partnership in Disadvantaged Neighbourhoods

dr. Mariëtte Lusse
Mariëtte Lusse is committed to increasing equality of opportunity. Initially as a community worker in Rotterdam, later as the founder of a parenting agency and policy officer for parenting support in Spijkenisse.
She has been working at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2001. Initially she studied pedagogy, but later she became the programme leader of the honour programme for the Institute for Social Training and the Institute for Teacher Training. Subsequently, as research leader, she gave shape to the research programme on the theme of educator-empowerment.
In 2013, Mariëtte obtained her PhD with 15 schools in Rotterdam South on the question of how schools in metropolitan vmbo can shape cooperation with parents in such a way that this contributes to the prevention of school drop-out. On this basis she wrote (with Annette Diender) a "Guidance for cooperation with parents in secondary education" nominated for the NRO-VOR-Praktijkprijs 2015. Because she likes to dedicate herself to research that contributes directly to the improvement of practice, she has been chairman of the Design Science Research Group since 2016.

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