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Dr. Harald Miedema

Applied research professor Work and Health

Harald Miedema is applied research professor of Work and Health at Research Centre Innovations in Care. He is also closely involved in research and innovation in the field of Physiotherapy.


By Dr. Harald Miedema

Course, prognosis and management of nonspecific musculoskeletal disorders

Incidence of low back pain related occupational diseases in the Netherlands

The influence of ergonomic devices on mechanical load during patient handling activities in nursing homes

The influence of individual and organisational factors on nurses’ behaviour to use lifting devices in healthcare

Disability Trajectories in Patients With Complaints of Arm, Neck, and Shoulder (CANS) in Primary Care: Prospective Cohort Study

Prognostic Factors for Recovery in Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review

A new intervention to improve work participation of young adults with physical disabilities: a feasibility study

Course and prognosis of recovery for chronic non-specific low back pain: design, therapy program and baseline data of a prospective cohort study

Improved Occupational Performance of Young Adults with a Physical Disability After a Vocational Rehabilitation Intervention

Sick leave in workers with arm, neck and/or shoulder complaints; defining occurrence and discriminative trajectories over a 2-year time period

Prognosis and Course of Disability in Patients With Chronic Nonspecific Low Back Pain: A 5- and 12-Month Follow-up Cohort Study

Prognosis and course of work-participation in patients with chronic non-specific low back pain: A 12-month follow-up cohort study

Development of work participation in young adults with cerebral palsy: A longitudinal study

Vocational Counseling of HIV-infected People: A Role for Nurses in HIV Care

Using the work limitations questionnaire in patients with a chronic condition in the Netherlands

A vocational rehabilitation intervention for young adults with physical disabilities

participants' perception of beneficial attributes

The development of a multidisciplinary, evidence-based guideline for “HIV and employment”

Assessment of daily activity performance: exploring the option of shortening the test

Are people living with HIV less productive at work?

Physical and mental determinants of dropout and retention among nursing students

protocol of the SPRiNG cohort study

Employment-Related Concerns of HIV-Positive People in the Netherlands: Input for a Multidisciplinary Guideline

Late presentation of HIV infection in the Netherlands

reasons for late diagnoses and impact on vocational functioning

Social participation and psychosocial outcomes of young adults with chronic physical conditions: Comparing recipients and non-recipients of disability benefits

Work-related stigma and disclosure: A daily challenge for people living with HIV

Self-management interventions for young people with chronic conditions: A systematic overview.

Exploring effectiveness and effective components of self-management interventions for young people with chronic physical conditions: A systematic review

Article in press

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