Dr. AnneLoes van Staa

Applied research professor Transitions in Care, specialising in care for young people with chronic conditions

AnneLoes van Staa is applied research professor of Transitions in Care at Research Centre Innovations in Care.


By Dr. AnneLoes van Staa

On Your Own Feet

Adolescents with chronic conditions and their preferences and competencies for care

Kidney transplant patients’ attitudes towards self-management support: A Q-methodological study

Developing from child to adult: Risk factors for poor psychosocial outcome in adolescents and young adults with epilepsy

Managing transition. Support for individuals at key point of exchange

book review

Evaluation of a multidisciplinary epilepsy transition clinic for adolescents

Unraveling triadic communication in hospital consultations with adolescents with chronic conditions

the added value of Mixed Methods Research

Reducing bottlenecks: professionals’ and adolescents’ experiences with transitional care delivery

Long-term effects of a multidisciplinary transition intervention from paediatric to adult care in patients with epilepsy

Chronic ventilation and social participation: experiences of men with neuromuscular disorders

Learning to attain an advanced level of professional responsibility

What we want: chronically ill adolescents’ preferences and priorities for improving health care

Preferences for health care and self-management among Dutch adolescents with chronic conditions: a Q-methodological investigation

Experiences with and Outcomes of Two Interventions to Maximize Engagement of Chronically Ill Adolescents During Hospital Consultations: A Mixed Methods Study

Transferring Young People With Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities From Pediatric to Adult Medical Care: Parents' Experiences and Recommendations

Transition from neonatal intensive care unit to special care nurseries: Experiences of parents and nurses

The proxy problem anatomized: Child-parent disagreement in Health Related Quality of Life reports of chronically ill adolescents

Exciting but exhausting: experiences with participatory research with chronically ill adolescents

Immunosuppressive drugs and young adults: a difficult combination

Rhetoric or reality? What nurse practitioners do to provide self-management support in outpatient clinics

An ethnographic study

Using a Board Game About Sexual Health with Young People with Chronic Conditions in Daily Practice

A Research into Facilitating and Impeding Factors

What support is needed to self-manage a rheumatic disorder: a qualitative study

Social participation and psychosocial outcomes of young adults with chronic physical conditions: Comparing recipients and non-recipients of disability benefits

Four perspectives on self-management support by nurses for people with chronic conditions

A Q-methodological study

The road to independence: Lived experiences of youth with chronic conditions and their parents compared

Self-management support from the perspective of patients with a chronic condition: a thematic synthesis of qualitative studies

A realist review: what do nurse-led self-management interventions achieve for outpatients with a chronic condition?

Motivational factors in discussing sexual health with young people with chronic conditions or disabilities

'Skills for growing up': supporting autonomy in young people with kidney disease

Using the new board game SeCZ TaLK to stimulate the communication on sexual health for adolescents with chronic conditions

How to define successful transition? An exploration of consensus indicators and outcomes in young adults with chronic conditions

The development and psychometric validation of the self-efficacy and performance in self-management support (SEPSS) Instrument

What factors influence nurses’ behavior in supporting patient self-management? An explorative questionnaire study

Readiness to transfer to adult care of adolescents with chronic conditions: exploration of associated factors

Evaluating outpatient transition clinics: a mixed-methods study protocol

Self-management interventions for young people with chronic conditions: A systematic overview.

Exploring effectiveness and effective components of self-management interventions for young people with chronic physical conditions: A systematic review

Article in press

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