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1) Tell us who you are?

My name is Osvaldo Agustin Hutagalung from Indonesia. 

2) What are you studying?

I am studying Master in Finance and Accounting now, but I took the Master Foundation Program from September to January 2020.

3) What do you think of RBS and RUAS?

Since I have learned a full program from Foundation, all my opinion will mostly based on my experience in this program due to I have just begun the Master in Finance and Accounting last February. I think RUAS especially RBS is awesome regarding the study experience because RBS has an extraordinary campus and experienced teacher. I enjoy the learning experience

4) What has your study experience been like so far?

In my opinion, this learning experience from RBS is extraordinary because I have a whole new experience of learning here. The teachers always encourages the student to think, ask and engage with the topic in class. Furthermore, the multi-cultural environment also gives me another awesome experience to study here. (for both program)

5) What is special about your study programme?

Special? For the foundation, I took it because of my IELTS. Next, for the finance program, I only can think about the practical point of view that the campus can give, because I think my program is not as special as supply chain and entrepreneurship. Probably the way we start our thesis as early as possible haha and mindset of learning finance from the company point of view. 

6) What do you think of Rotterdam as a city?

I love Rotterdam because it is one of the big cities like Amsterdam but not that crowded. Furthermore, there is always something going on in the city, from a party, festival, and other events which always keep the city feel alive at night. Moreover, the people also really welcome and again I experience a multi-nationality environment and even better, they speak Dutch haha.

7) How do you get access to companies through your programme?

For the Foundation program, there are courses which introduce students to certain companies, through the Pressure Cooker and International Project. I spent a good time for the first pressure cooker even I was struggling with the topic but I was challenging and fun.

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