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Technology Management

Exchange programme

Technology and innovation management is regarded as a critical area of study in most business schools nowadays. This growing importance is partly a strategic response to managing knowledge-driven developments in industry.

In a changing business climate, traditional management needs to combine with pragmatic technology management education that provides rich ground for developing managerial theories that are less “fuzzy” and practically more relevant to industry needs. Management studies are not just about theoretical constructs, but must, instead, address practical resolutions and problem solving in the real business world. Effective management needs an approach that combines general management theories with technology management practice to link business and technology.

What students do we seek?

This course has been specially developed for science students who would like to develop themselves in business administration of the manufacturing industry, but is also of great interest to students of  economics or business who feel comfortable with  state-of-the-art, technological production environments. We operate right in the centre of both worlds.

You will be studying together with Dutch students of  Business Engineering and other international students.

Please note that Technology and Management will consume a considerable part of your  time  in the Netherlands. So if you are willing to invest in yourself, your development, your future; if you are up to a challenge, if you are enthusiastic and willing to learn, we will be pleased to welcome  you. We will offer you relevant knowledge and experience in return that is ready-to-use after you have finished this course successfully.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Course Plan

Technology and Management will provide you with a complete range of topics that contribute to this field of expertise, situated in the  international environment  of the port of Rotterdam. With the port  next door, we will show you around many production facilities, teach  you how to understand their business models and the dynamics of Dutch international trade, and place those  in a theoretical structure of technology management and entrepreneurship.

In our business simulation, in which students run a production facility, you will effectively experience how production, R&D, logistics, finance, marketing and law are not just separate entities with their own purposes  – although sometimes they act like they are – but in fact depend on each other, intertwined, add up to what we call an organisation.

Please find your complete course plan under  the heading programme structure.

In addition to the main topics mentioned above, we will of course introduce you to the Netherlands with a comprehensive cultural programme, together with your Dutch fellow students. 


An indication of the subjects you can expect


Where you can find us
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G.J. de Jonghweg 4 - 6 3015 GG Rotterdam

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