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International Management and Consultancy

Exchange programme

The minor International Management & Consultancy is about everything it takes to make a business work. In one semester, you will learn to analyze and solve strategic problems, to manage organizational change and to allign the different business functions within existing organizations.

In order to approach the professional field of management and consultancy as closely as possible, you will work on business assignments from real client organizations in international and multi-disciplinary teams.

One of the features that sets this programme apart from other programmes, is that part of the group consists of visiting exchange students from different universities. This makes for a unique learning environment. Dutch students are buddies to international students under the buddy programme. This means that they help international students with practical matters and that they organise activities and excursions for international students. Working together and socialising outside curricular activities, most of our students form friendships that last well beyond the duration of the programme.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Working methods

In this program the following working methods are used:

  • Project based learning with assignments from external companies;
  • Interactive lectures;
  • Training sessions in small groups during which management and consultancy skills are trained;
  • Field trips.


An indication of the subjects you can expect

After your study programme

What you can do

Career perspectives

In every sector of society managers and consultants are needed: in trade and industry, in the transport sector, in facility management, the government, the health sector and the leisure sector.
These managers and consultants should be able to analyse problems, to develop innovative solutions and to create acceptance for these solutions and changes. Managers and consultants will have to take into consideration the continuously changing international environment in the advice they give. In addition, most problems need to be looked at from a multidisciplinary perspective. For this reason students from different disciplines (fields of study) and from different nationalities work and study together in this minor to solve complex problems from real client organizations. This minor prepares them for a career as a consultant, change manager or services manager.

This minor will prepare you for an international career or for a career at a Dutch company with international partners because the programme is offered in English and internationally oriented. Many companies are internationally oriented because they have international customers or suppliers or because they are part of an international organization.

Foreign business students can also enroll in this minor. In this way an international environment is created in this minor. One of the most effective ways of improving your English is participating in an English programme: your English does not have to be perfect at the start of the minor because you will “learn by doing”. 


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G.J. de Jonghweg 4 - 6 3015 GG Rotterdam

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