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International Business - year 3: Specialisation Commerce

Exchange programme

The increasing speed of demographic, technological, and socio-economic change has consequences for the way that business is performed. The knowledge and skills needed to address these changes are vastly different than those needed just ten or 15 years earlier (World Economic Forum, 2016).

As such, the contemporary international business environment has an increasing demand for professionals equipped with a strong set of values. People who can think critically, reflectively and creatively. People that can collaborate and act in an entrepreneurial, collaborative, ethical, culturally sensitive and responsible manner. In addition, employers look to hire employees with a broad and international orientation combined with an ability to bridge and connect different cultures with different business subject areas.


The commerce specialisation is suitable when you are eager to learn more about how to establish successful commerce relations with business partners worldwide by using marketing strategies and tactics. In addition, you will be trained in dealing with social and cultural diversity within international businesses. The specialisation includes business topics like intercultural readiness, marketing strategy, marketing communications.

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Integrated learning environment

We are convinced that an integrated curriculum enables students to better see connections between action and reaction. That’s why our curriculum shows you how actions taken in one functional area impact other functional areas within a business, a quality that is so important in the business world. In traditional curricula, students experience courses as separate entities, which rarely come into contact with each other. Subject topics, assessments, and even teachers are often siloed within their own area of expertise. Consequently, it falls to you as student to navigate this fragmented world and forge connections between disparate classes. In our new International Business (IB) programme, an integrated learning line curriculum has been chosen which makes connections between subject topics explicit and recreate the integrated world of business.

Type of assessment

  • Individual assignments
  • Presentations
  • Group assignments 

Learning outcomes

To be announced.


To be announced.


After completing your exchange programme at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, you will receive a:

  • Transcript of records


An indication of the subjects you can expect

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