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Human Talent Development

Exchange programme

The perspective of this course is development: it focuses on one-on-one career counselling as well as training delivery in groups. You will be on a journey of self-inquiry, with reflection and effective application of soft skills.

The minor in Human Talent Development focuses on development of people within organisations, from a hands-on, practical perspective. It consists of subjects that will provide you with basic professional skills concerning career counselling and training delivery / facilitation. In order to be able to facilitate others in their development (through coaching and/or training), it is essential to be engaged in one's own personal development.

If the following appeals to you:

  • Reflecting on your own talents, fears and goals
  • Attending a 2 day training programme at a youth hostel
  • Developing soft/transferrable skills to apply in one-on-one settings as well as in (small) groups
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills in the field of career counselling and training and development, with an added dimension of the international career.

Then this exchange programme might be for you! Whether you are intending to work in the field of Human Resources or you have an interest in developing your skills as an add-on to your current course of study, you are welcome to sign up if you are seriously dedicated to development!

HTD is currently updating the curriculum; therefore this programme will not be offered in Spring 2018. HTD will be open for applications again from Fall 2018 and onwards.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Programme structure

This programme is structured in a way that everything that is expected to be demonstrated at the end is first practiced with and on each other. Although the career counselling and the training delivery are taught separately, the personal and professional basis are the same. You will be challenged to grow into becoming a reflective practitioner.  In other words: knowing more about your own talents, interests and what drives you will help you to become an authentic coach and trainer or in whatever work role you take on.

Career perspectives

Generally, the first block is about acquiring knowledge and skills and practicing in a safe environment. The second block is about applying this outside of the minor – while consulting with the other students from the minor and the teachers.

In a portfolio containing professional outcome reports, the knowledge and skills acquired will be demonstrated. Included are video and audio tapes to illustrate these skills.


An indication of the subjects you can expect

Location Kralingse Zoom

Where you can find us
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Kralingse Zoom

Kralingse Zoom 91 3063 ND Rotterdam

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