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#GetConnected: interactive communication in the global village

Exchange programme

You are only five people away from former president Obama. Your Australian friend shows his new Nikes to you on Snapchat. Through Instagram you find the hottest places for your weekend trip to Rome. YouTube is your eye to the rest of the world.

Social media opens up your world and turns it into a global village. A village which consists of several networks that are connected through communication. The minor #GetConnected aims to turn you into a smart connector in an international setting.It also raises new questions. For example what are the implications for the way organizations communicate with their stakeholders? And what is the added value of a communication professional, when everybody is already communicating with each other through (digital) networks? To answer those questions we need to know the dynamics, constraints and possibilities of the new social structure; the network society!

So if you think you can become a smart connector within an international network, then the minor #GetConnected suits you well!

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Programme structure

The programme #GetConnected has a strong focus on communication and PR, networks and interactive media. The programme focuses on project based learning and is supported by lectures and guest lectures, which give you the tools to solve different challenges during the semester.

You will form a Dream Team together with Dutch and other international students. We ensure that different fields of knowledge come together in each group. With this team you work on several challenging assignments. For example you will write an inspiring Ebook based on topics related to PR and the network society.

Pressure Cookers

To disseminate the knowledge you gained while working on your Ebook, you will start a (digital) community and invite the members to attend the webinar you organise at the end of the semester.

In addition you are asked to implement your insights into several challenging assignments for real clients. These so called  “Pressure Cookers” force you to come up with realistic and tangible solutions within a (very) short time frame. If realizable, some of these pressure cookers will be organized on external locations.


To experience how international organisations in the field of PR work, we also take you on a fieldtrip to London. Next to visits to inspiring and innovative agencies and organisations, we have plenty of time to get to know this amazing city.


For more information about the programme, download the programme overview (37kB). 


The programme #GetConnected is divided into four modules:

Module The Network Society (6 ECTS)

In this module you decide what will be discussed. Roughly you work on topics as the basics of the network theory, the psychology of networking and the fear of missing out (FOMO) and network analysis and social media mapping. At the end of the module you are able to explain why the traditional customer approach fails and you understand the basics of networks: nodes, interpersonal ties, strong and weak links and network roles.

Module Interactive Communication in Networks (6 ECTS)

In this module you decide what will be discussed. Roughly, you work on topics as the art of listening, principles of influence and customer engagement, spreadable media, conversation management and the ethical aspects of communication in a network society. At the end of the module you are able to design an engagement strategy to emotionally touch stakeholders and you understand how to make use of user generated content to build a community

Module Skills (3 ECTS)

This module consists of different workshops in which we offer you relevant skills for writing your Ebook. During the workshops you learn to design your Ebook. Furthermore you also learn more about networking. If you would like to have extra support with your English grammar, you can join the workshop ‘Refresh your English’.

Module The Connecting Consultants (15 ECTS)

In this module you connect an organisation with their stakeholder by using e.g. online monitoring, community building, social graphs analysis and data visualization. You bring your knowledge into practice by several pressure cooker assignments in which you work for different organizations. You will conclude the minor by organising your own webinar. 


Module The Network Society and Interactive Communication in Networks

These modules are highly interactive and demand driven. Both modules appeal to the critical and research attitude of students. You define together with your fellow students what you want (and need) to learn about interactive communication in the network society. Students form small groups of four people. Every week the teams work on one topic. In the first meeting the teacher describes briefly one topic. You will brainstorm what you already know about this topic and activate existing knowledge. Together with the other students you formulate all the questions you have to completely understand this topic. The students explore literature and other sources they find relevant to answer their questions. In the second meeting the teacher helps the students to structure all the information they’ve gathered. Together they draw the complete picture of the topic. Afterwards a lecturer or guest lecturer shares his or her views on the topic. In the lecture the outcome of the students will be put in context.

Module Skills

Different workshops for different themes will be organized. All meant to support the writing of the Ebook.

Module The Connecting Consultants 

Together with 3-4 students you work in several pressure cooker sessions. In a short period of time you work on realistic assignments of organizations related to the topics of the other three modules. You will visit various innovative organizations and you participate in an international educational trip.

Learning goals

Overall learning goals

  1. 1. You advise organisations how to strategically connect with their environment with regards to the changing role of the PR professional.
  2. You develop and apply tools and skills to connect an organisation.
  3. You learn to co-operate in an international multidisciplinary environment.

Learning goals module Network Society

  1. You explain the influence of social media and digital networks on PR.
  2. You are able to construct a vision on the consequences of the network society on PR.
  3. You explain from a psychological point of view why people (want to) engage in (digital) networks.
  4. You explain the value of sensor technologies to enhance the engagement within communities.
  5. You construct a view on how to apply the principles of influence from Cialdini to leverage social media tools.
  6. You unravel the functioning and dissemination of information in social networks.
  7. You are able to write a relevant and well argumented Ebook regarding the changing role of the PR professional in the network society.

Learning goals module Interactive Communication in Networks

  1. You are able to define how you can engage with stakeholders who are part of a social network.
  2. You are able to explain the meaning and value of listening for organisations.
  3. You are able to define what ethical considerations regarding big data and hyper-personalisation a PR officer should apply in his/her daily work to get or stay connected to the stakeholders.
  4. You unravel different strategies for organisations to create spreadability in favour of brand awareness.
  5. You are able to write a relevant and well argumented Ebook regarding the changing role of the PR professional in the network society.

Learning goals module Skills

  1. Inspiring (Trendwatching)
    You integrate relevant weak signals/trends in your chapter in order to accomplish an innovative Ebook.
  2. Appealing (Design) 
    You write your chapter in line with the interests of your target audience and it is suitable for an online medium.
  3. Correct English
    You write your chapter in grammatically correct English with the right tone of voice.

Learning goals module the Connecting Consultant

You are able to translate theoretical knowledge regarding the network society to a hands-on advise for organisations.




Time Calendar Fall Semester

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