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Indicative literature

The following literature may be used during the exchange programme.


  • City Resilience Framework, April 2014 (Updated December 2015) by the Rockefeller Foundation
  • Rotterdam resilience strategy, ready for the 21st century, April 2016
  • City Resilience Index, ARUP & Rockefeller Foundation:
  • Resilient Europe Societal Challenge 6: Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies Recommendations to the European Commission developed by the Advisory Group on Societal Challenge 6 Final version 1.0, 2014-07-21
  • Planning the resilient city: Concepts and strategies for coping with climate change and environmental risk. Jabareen, Y. (2012). Retrieved from
  • Urban challenges, resilient solutions, design thinking for the future of urban regions, 3 oktober 2017
  • Future urban regions Trancity*valiz, supported by creatieve industries fund nl and EFL stichting.

Intercultural cooperation

  • Intercultural sensitivity, from denial to intercultural competence, Carlos Nunez Raya Nunez-Mahdi / L. Popma Laura Popma, ISBN 9789023255550, March 2017

Comparative research

  • Introduction Research Methods, by Catherine Dawson (ISBN: 9781845283674)

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