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Indicative literature

The following literature may be used during the exchange programme.

  • Resilience thinking, sustainable ecosystems and people in a changing world. Brian Walker and David, Salt island press, 2006
  • The resilience dividend, being strong in a world where things go wrong, Judith Rodin, the Rockefeller Foundation, 2014
  • Thinking in systems, Donella H.Meadows, Diana Wright, Chealsea green publishing, 2008
  • Resilience, Kevin Grove, Routledge, 2018
  • Dawson, C. (2009). Introduction to Research Methods. A practical guide for anyone undertaking a research project. Fourth Edition. Oxford: How To Books
  • City Resilience Framework, April 2014 (Updated December 2015) by the Rockefeller Foundation
  • City Resilience Index, ARUP & Rockefeller Foundation:
  • Rotterdam resilience strategy, ready for the 21st century, April 2016

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