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Business Process Management

Exchange programme

In Business Process Management (BPM) you will learn to close the bridge between business and IT in a new way, using new insights in business and IT. You will learn several new BPM ‘techniques and tools’, then apply them at real companies.

A growing number of organizations (companies) are facing the fact that the traditional way of doing business and implementing new software doesn't work. More software doesn't lead to more agility, governance and compliance (the new problems) and companies are still struggling to implement IT for more product- and process leadership. BPM and SOA offer new insights to solve such problems and how synergy can be achieved by connecting the underlying parts of BPM. This perspective is useful in every organization that faces issues with flexibility, responsiveness and productivity and that try tries to integrate processes across departments or with (ad hoc) partners.

Upon successful completion of this exchange minor you can: analyze organizations and write management advice about the use of (parts of) BPM (/SOA). You can investigate problems from either a quality management perspective or an information technology perspective. You can give demonstrations or show pilot projects on the given subjects: e.g. how to make use of Lean/6Sigma, an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus; an Application Integration tool), a modelling tool with BPMNotation, a business rules engine, etc. You can partly choose in the minor between a more QM and a more technical perspective.

During the Semester you will work by yourself, but mostly in groups with Dutch and exchange students.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme


During the semester you will work individually, but mostly in groups with Dutch and exchange students.

For a detailed description of the different courses in BPM, see subjects.

In the first half of the minor you will learn the basics of the BPM cycle and will do practical assignments. In the second half, you will learn about new insights in BPM, such as Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Decision Management.


An indication of the subjects you can expect

After your study programme

Career opportunities

Upon successful completion of this minor you can work as a: Business Analyst, Process Architect, ESB or BPMS Developer or Quality Management Consultant.

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