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Beyond Borders: Challenging Global Health Equity

Exchange programme

Do you want to find the best solutions for Health Inequalities related to lifestyle, vulnerable groups or access to health care in the City of Rotterdam? Then the School of Health Care invites you to join the programme Beyond Borders.

This programme focuses on ‘Challenging Global Health Equity’ in an international classroom. This contributes to a broader perspective and international experience for participating students.

‘Globally, health is steadily improving: people are healthier, wealthier and living longer today than they did thirty years ago’. But according to the World Health Organization (WHO): ‘health status varies between countries and there is now extensive evidence of considerable and often growing health inequalities within countries both by geographical location and by socioeconomic group’ (WHO, 2008).

In this programme you are challenged to design a prototype for the best solution for Health Inequalities in one of the international organizations we work with. These organizations are located for instance in:

  • Belgium - Brussel/Gent
  • China - Shanghai
  • Curacao
  • England - London
  • Finland- Turku
  • Italy - Milan
  • Netherlands - Rotterdam
  • Portugal - Lisbon
  • Republic of Cape Verde - Island of Sal
  • Spain - Valencia
  • Surinam

To analyze situations from different perspectives you’ll work in interdisciplinary teams together with important stakeholders.

Facts and figures

The programme at a glance

Programme structure

A view of the study programme

Programme structure

During this programme students will work according to the research method ‘Design Thinking’

Week Description
1 - 6 Orientation
7 - 18 Develop a prototype for the organisation
19 - 20 Reflection and Dissemination


In this programme students will be able to develop the Honor Competences:

  • Innovation driven
  • Demand Driven
  • Collaborative Working
  • Behavioral Indicators
  • Knowledge Creation

Learning outcomes

By working and learning in an international, interprofessional project group together with the organization(the client) and the coaches(Rotterdam University) students will get a lifetime experience in which they are allowed to experiment. 

At the end students are able to do research according to design thinking, learned the influences of different cultures and the different approaches. Students have knowledge of the backgrounds of Health Inequalities.



Where you can find us
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Rochussenstraat 198 3015 EK Rotterdam

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