Lifestyle Transformation Design

    Four-year bachelor in English, starts in September

    With the term "lifestyle", we mean how people express their personal lives through their choice of clothing, the gadgets they purchase and use, how they decorate their homes and their work and living spaces, and their choice of leisure activities. By shaping our lifestyle and by carefully constructing our identity, we tell others about ourselves and how we wish to be seen in our world.

    On the one hand the profession focuses on the communication and presentation of products for a specific group of users (art direction and styling), and on the other hand on the industry or the manufacturer. In the latter capacity, you are the advisor in areas concerning future desires, needs and consumer behaviour (trend forecasting of trend analysis).

    What will you learn at the academy?

    You will develop the capacity to design visually innovative or market-oriented concepts drawing on your own artistic vision, and to create striking visual images. You will also learn and recognise the essential styles and currents in culture, art and design. You are interested in both historical contexts as well as in the current developments in your field, and you know how to apply your knowledge appropriately in practical projects. To this end, you will expand your knowledge and skills in the area of presentation techniques, photography, digital media and materials. You will also gain an understanding and skills in the areas of art and design, marketing and societal developments.

    The study programme will start by looking at the subjects that are essential for the profession, such as social identity, cultural currents, the era we live in, the consumer society, market forces, and societal developments. You will then start to develop your own profile in the profession by applying what you have learned and the skills that you have acquired to specific areas such as consumer groups, communications, branding, market strategies and concept development. After an internship you can do a minor to help deepen your understanding of what your profession entails, and will then complete your study programme.

    The broad orientation of this particular study programme prepares you for an overarching position, managing multidisciplinary projects, giving them a cutting edge in their field. To be able to do this, you need to be a valuable designer with a wide body of knowledge of market trends and society. You will also have sensitive antennae for future values and a clear vision for the right use of visuals.

    The Lifestyle & Design department also has an English language stream in which you work entirely in English to be able to operate internationally.

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    After your graduation

    After your graduation, you will receive your Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. You will also receive a supplement: a DS-label. With this English document, you can show the value of your degree abroad when you apply for further study or when looking for a job.

    If you participated in the honours programme, you will also receive an honours degree.


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