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LGBTI+ student

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences has an active, inclusive network, for the LGBTI+ community, HR Pride! We celebrate diversity together, and learn more about themes that are important to our community. We offer coaching and a network with which we organise activities.

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences celebrates diversity. But sometimes life can be tricky for LGBTI+ people. Are you confused about your gender or orientation? Do you find it difficult talking about it with others around you (coming out)? Have you had negative reactions from within the (learning) environment? Or do religion, background, heritage play a role in the acceptance of your orientation or gender identity?

Safe learning environment

You are not alone. Visit  Student Welfare Advisors when you need someone to talk to, or want to brainstorm about the best way to create a pleasant, safe study environment for yourself. We offer personal guidance for students, for example, by working with peer coaches who have had similar experiences as you have. Together we will discuss your needs to support you. Our team of peer coaches is also present at social events, if you prefer getting in touch in that way.


We regularly organise events that may interest you. At our events you can meet students and employees who are LGBTI+ themselves, or identify with ‘HR Pride’, meaning they welcome the LGBTI+ community. In addition, LGBTI+ peer coaches, who are part of Student Welfare Advisors, are generally present at events.

We organise lectures and discussion evenings where you can learn more about LGBTI+ themes, or share experiences. In September we and other educational institutions also organise a conference during Rotterdam Pride and we are involved in special days for the LGBTI+ community such as Coming Out Day (11 October), IDAHOT (17 May) and Purple Friday on 13 December (spirit day).

11 October | 19:00 – 21:00 | Intersectional Coming Out Day

HR Pride & INCLUDED invite you to Tea & Talks about ‘Coming Out’. Our identity is not one-dimensional, but consists of many aspects (ethnicity, religion, gender, social class, etc). How do these aspects play a part in the way we can (choose to) come out as queer/LGBTI+? What challenges and privilege do we experience? This event offers you a place to share your own experiences and learn from others.

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LGBTI+ and Network ‘HR Pride’

Do you want to stay up-to-date or be involved in planning our activities? Register for our HR Pride network e-mailing list. We are also continually looking for new peer coaches or core team members. We are a diverse, creative group and we like to get involved creating an environment for study and work where everyone’s gender and orientation is accepted. Sign on!


Interested? Want to get in contact with a peer coach, help organise our activities, or just looking for a listener? Visit Student Welfare Advisors at the Museumpark location (MP.H.00.050). Your contact person is Leonie van Staveren and you can call her at +31 (0)10 – 794 4517.